Family Weekend in NYC


My mom and my brother, Madison, came in town this weekend to visit us! It was a short visit, but I'm so glad they came all the way from Texas just to see what it is about the city that I fell in love with. 

They flew in Thursday night. Matt picked them up from the airport and I met all of them back at the apartment. I stayed at work late that day, so I didn't have time to cook like I had planned. We went to Sweet Basil instead (a Thai restaurant in Crown Heights). When we got back home, I told them the ideas I had for the next two days -- Manhattan on Friday and Brooklyn on Saturday. 

I told them we would have to take the subway on Friday, but we could drive on Saturday. I also told them to be prepared to walk a lot. 

Friday - Manhattan

After eating breakfast at home, we headed to Grand Central, then walked by my office to the Empire State Building. Then we went to the giant Macy's, Times Square, and Central Park. 


From Central Park, we got on the train and headed towards Little Italy. At W4, I realized that we were on the wrong train. Since we needed to hop trains anyways, I suggested we take a quick peek at West Village, one of my favorite neighborhoods. We ended up walking all the way from West Village to Little Italy, where we stopped for lunch. 

After lunch, we were pretty tired from walking, so we decided to call it a day. We ordered from Seamless for dinner haha. 

Saturday - Brooklyn

We kicked off Saturday morning with Bagels from our fave shop in the neighborhood, cuz it's not a true New York experience without having New York bagels!

Then we headed to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I'm so glad we went there because my mom had a blast taking photos. We will definitely come here again next time she's in town. 

We dropped Madison off at the apartment so that he could nap, and then we went to lunch in Red Hook so that mom could see the Statue of Liberty. 

For dinner, we went to Grimaldi's (classic) in DUMBO. 

Mom left on Sunday morning saying, "I understand why you love it here; I just wish it were closer." True statement. 

We love being here, but the major downside is that we are so far from family. We will miss holidays, life events, birthdays, weddings... It's tough. 

We will be going back to TX to visit in a couple months, so that's something to definitely look forward to!

Are you living far from family? How often do you get to see them?