Find new and exciting ways to be active

Be active

We're all so busy during the week, and we want to make time for fun and for friends -- so why not combine the two?!?

If you follow me on Instagram (@SweatStretchEat), you probably saw that Matt and I went climbing with a friend of ours on Friday. We had a really great time and definitely worked up a sweat in the surprisingly frigid rock gym. Climbing was challenging; it works your body in an different way that lifting weights does. My upper back, forearms, and fingers were very sore the next day.

But guys -- it was so fun! We talked and laughed while we were being active. Everybody wins, right?


Matt and I are thinking about going climbing again. Stone Moves here in Houston is doing a Groupon right now that we can't resist! We may bring our friend who is visiting from NYC.

I challenge you to schedule a hangout with a friend that involves being active in some way. You could go for a walk, play disc golf, go rock climbing, play laser tag, go to the roller rink -- whatever.

When you do this, let me know!! Tag me in a post on Instagram or Twitter (@SweatStretchEat). I'd love to hear what you came up with!