First Dinner in the New Backyard!


Guys, I have been so incredibly sick this week. After having to stay home from work for 3 days, I finally made it into the doctor. Turns out, I have a sinus infection -- my 3rd this year. She prescribed me bunch of stuff, including a nasal spray which really freaked me out. I've never sprayed anything up my nose before.

It was like a miracle potion. Within an hour, my sinus pressure/headache was very diminished. I felt so much less exhausted and disoriented. I'm still pretty congested, but I think I should be able to make it into the office and back into the gym tomorrow. 

The weather was amazing, and since I was feeling better, we opted to take dinner out into our backyard. I made something really quick because I wanted to beat sunset -- frozen broccoli, frozen sweet potato tots, and grilled chicken.

Note: you won't see my face in these photos because I was a hot mess. Several days of being sick does not make for a photogenic gal. 

Our landlord created a little fenced in area that's just for us. We have chairs, a table, and a grill. He also planted some lovely little flowers all over the place. I loved eating dinner and seeing the sun seeping in between our little fence posts. 

We also brought Morton's puppy gate outside so that he could stay in our little area with us. The yard as a whole does not have a fence, and our neighbors have a dog. It's best to keep Morton right by us. 


It was such a simple and lovely night. Nothing complicated. Nothing high-maintenance. 

It was one of my favorite "dates" we've had in the city -- dinner in our tiny section of our Brooklyn backyard. It was perfect. I'm so happy to welcome spring into the city. The flowers, the warm weather, the sunlight -- it's all so wonderful. 


Question of the day:

What's your favorite thing about springtime?