First Fartlek for NYC

This is my first week of training with Neely, and I'm trying to stick to what she tells me and push myself -- right out of the gate. I know that the NYC marathon is months away, and technically, I could probably wait to start serious training for a couple more months. But I want to be serious, rain or shine. 

The idea of training like an athlete has always appealed me. I was always too wishy-washy with sports to allow myself to ever get really good at anything, and I ended up going the music route when I had to make a choice. Funny thing is, I hardly do music anymore at all, and I'm obviously really into fitnessy things. 

Having a coach is making me feel more like an athlete. I know I'll probably never go to the Olympic trials or anything, but I'm more looking for the mindset of an Olympian than the career of one. 

I did my scheduled 4-miles easy on Monday with Morton. And then Neely offered to come with me for my 5 miles easy + 6x 20 strides. It great getting to explore a new place to run. Colorado has a ton of open space and trails, and I am loving that. We spent the entire workout on trails that overlook the Flatirons. I could hardly take my eyes of the views. This will not get old. 

It's always great to run with someone. The time goes by so much faster when you're able to chat during an easy run. It was also awesome to have someone time my sprints for me and assess my form. I haven't had my running form assessed since my high school track days, so it was good to receive positive feedback on that. 

Hilariously, there was a family walking by on the stretch of trail that I was running back and forth on for my strides. Once they realized I was doing a sprint workout with a coach on a bike, I think they thought that I was famous or something. They gathered more people (perhaps the family grandparents?) and stood there to cheer me on! Neely said, "That little girl is probably going to become a runner now because of you." What an amazing day!

This week's workout schedule is as follows:

  • Monday - 4 miles easy + short bodyweight strength workout
  • Tuesday - Crossfit Foundations (rings, dips, and slam balls)
  • Wednesday - 5 miles easy + 6x 20 strides
  • Thursday - Crossfit Foundations (deadlifts) + short bodyweight strength workout
  • Friday - 4 miles easy
  • Saturday - 7 miles easy + short bodyweight strength workout