First Two Weeks of Training

I'm so happy with my training right now. I'm a list-oriented, type A planner and I love the regimented nature of my schedule right now. 

Here's a quick recap of my last two weeks of training:

Week of 5/1

  • M - 4 miles ~ 36:04
  • T - Crossfit Foundations class 
  • W - Fartlek (5 miles easy with 6x20sec strides)
  • Th - Crossfit Foundations class + aqua jog
  • F - 4 miles ~ 36:16
  • S - REST
  • Su - Long Run 7 miles ~ 55:58

Week of 5/8

  • M - 5 miles ~ 41:52
  • T - Crossfit Foundations class
  • W - Hill Sprints (2 mile warm up, 8x 30sec hill sprints, 2 mile cool down)
  • Th - Crossfit Foundations class
  • F - 5 miles ~ 46:45
  • S - Long Run with Progression 8 miles ~ 1:12:38
  • Su - 5.6 miles ~ 48:03

All of this has been so fun! I'm loving the Fartleks (speed work), hills, and other fun stuff. I also have really enjoyed finding new trails and paths around my apartment complex. Running is such a fun way to explore where you're living or visiting. 

Saturday's run was tough on my mental game. I've never done a long run with progression before. Basically this style of workout just means that you start easy and increase your pace with each mile. I think I started too slow and saved too much energy because by the time I got to the end, I definitely felt like I had more steam in me. It's also tough to figure out how to make small increases in pace. 

When I think about increasing my speed, I often increase it too much. I need to work on making smaller pace increases, like 10 seconds to my per mile pace instead of 30 seconds. 

What does your training/workout schedule look like?

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