Fit Girl Gift Guide | 2017


Nike Power Pocket Lux || Don't Sweat It Sweater || Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow || Believe I Am Training Journal || Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream || Adidas Edge Lux Shoes || Zeal Kennedy Sunglasses || Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle || Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones || TRX Home2

Looking for ideas for your friend or family member who loves all things health & fitness. Here are ideas to get you going!

Leggings with pockets

Finally, somewhere to store your phone! I need to invest in some of these myself)

A cozy sweater to wear to/from the gym

It's that time of year for cozy apparel! 

A healthy cookbook

I love Shalane's first cookbook Run Fast Eat Slow, and now she has this new one! There are obviously a ton of other options out there, if she's not a runner or if she's paleo or vegan.

A training journal

I bought the Believe journal for myself right before I found out that I was pregnant. I didn't want to waste it on pregnancy training, so I've been saving it for now. My training for Boston starts on Monday, and I can't wait to fill this journal with all my notes!

Quality skincare products

I'm not the expert when it comes to skincare, but I absolutely LOVE this face cream. It feels like as luxurious as a bubble bath to me and has such a subtle, fresh scent.

New shoes

They can be specific to her sport/activity, or they can be general trainers, like these Adidas Edge Lux that I just ordered as my "from Matt" Christmas present. 

Sport-friendly sunglasses

Y'all know I love my Zeals. There are lots of other options from the major brands like Nike and Adidas, but look for something that's lightweight and will grip over the ears. 

A new water bottle

Some girls like the Swell bottle (I have one of those too), but if she's bad at keeping up with her water intake like I am, she would love the Hidrate Spark water bottle. It passive aggressively makes you stay on track throughout the day with drinking water. 

Wireless headphones

I've been really wanting some wireless headphones because the swinging cord of regular headphones can get so annoying while you're running. I haven't spent much time looking at brands, but Beats are always a safe (albeit expensive) option.

Home gym equipment

Especially if your girl is a mom, home gym equipment is a great gift option. We just invested in the TRX suspension system and are slowly building a collection of dumbbells. Eventually, we'd like to purchase a bench as well. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!