Fit-it-in Friday: Pizza


Ever since Matt and I started counting our macros, we have both seen a significant amount of fat loss, and have been able to branch out to more decadent foods without totally going crazy and feeling like junk afterwards. 

I thought it might be fun to start sharing with you guys examples of the "fun" stuff that I fit into my macros, and how I do it. So expect many more Fit-it-in-Fridays in the future!

When I say "count macros," I mean, we track our daily carb, protein, and fat amounts, and try to hit specific goal numbers. For me, I'm trying to hit 119b carbs, 130g protein, and 37g fat. You may have seen on my Instagram, that I just started "reverse dieting" this week. So, each week, I'm adding 5g carbs and 1g fat. I'm doing this really slowly so that I can increase the amount of food I can eat each day without gaining weight -- increasing my metabolic threshold. 

Anyways, enough of the math. It's making my brain hurt a little. Let's talk about the fun part. Fitting yummy stuff in. Today, Matt and I are getting pizza with some friends, and we needed to figure out how to fit that in without completely blowing our macros. Pizza can be hard to fit, I'm not gonna lie. 

I planned it all out last night, so here's what my day is going to look like (heavy on the protein, low on the carbs and fat):


7:20am - 6oz plain greek yogurt + 1/2 scoop Cellucor cookie dough-flavored whey protein powder

7:30am - 3 egg whites + 1 egg, scrambled

10:00am - low fat mozzarella string cheese


12:30am - grilled chicken salad (chicken, romaine, red bell pepper, sugar snap peas w/ olive oil and lemon juice)

4:00pm - 6oz plain greek yogurt + 3/4 scoop Cellucor

7:00pm - Splitting a small marinara pizza with Matt

Anyone else count macros out there? How do you fit in the fun stuff? Share with me on social media using the hashtag #fititinfriday and tag me @sweatstretcheat!