Free Day of Yoga Houston 2012

Today is the day. Last night Free Day of Yoga Houston had its kickoff at Luke's locker where local teacher Zach Beigun taught a fun class that was enjoyed by all. He reminded everyone that laughing at yourself is a good thing. It works your abs and it makes helps you to not take yourself too seriously. Laughter is healthy. I totally agree with Zach on that one.

Today, hundreds of local yogi's joined to practice yoga together at Rothco Chapel it the hot, Bikram-like Houston heat. No need for a heated room when you live in Houston! Complaints aside, the event was worthwhile. It was so cool to see so many people enjoying yoga together. The class was taught by 4 local yoga superstars: Zach Beigun, Joy Winkler, Catherine Allen, and Marcy Kurtz. The class was challenging for people of all levels because the instructors did a great job of explaining optional modifications. It was such a joy to see beginners practicing alongside full time instructors, uniting together with the common love of yoga.

The event benefitted Peach Outreach, a non profit geared towards raising awareness about endometrial cancer. Donations could be made at the event.

After the community class at Rothco from 9-11:30am, studios all over the city offered free classes to anyone willing to show up. Overall, Free Day of Yoga is awesome. It's a great way to connect with local yogis and a great way to try yoga for the first time or try a different studio/type of yoga at zero risk and zero cost.

Can't wait for next year!!