Friday Favorites #10

Sorry that I've been light on posts this week. As some of you know, I normally do most of my week's post work over the weekend, and I just didn't get time this past weekend while I was in Texas.

Today, I'm just doing my usual Friday Favorites-- no category, just stuff that makes me happy.

Getting Back to My Routine


As I said on Monday, I really really enjoyed my time in Texas last week. I had the chance to have a lot of really intentional conversations with friends and family, which was so nourishing for me.

But at the end of the 10 days, I was quite ready to get back to Brooklyn and back to my normal routine. I'm such a creature of habit, and I really need some of that structure in my life to flourish.

When I'm on a schedule, it's easier for me to get my workouts in, prep my meals, and work on blog stuff. Not to mention, it's just good for my mental peace.

And of course, I missed Morton while we were gone. He's such a sweetie. I've been snuggling with him every day since I got back.

Fitbit Charge HR


Matt and I have been planning to buy each other Fitbit Charge HRs (fitness trackers) as belated Christmas gifts this year. They aren't supposed to be released until early 2015, so we were just going to do an IOU type thing. But yesterday, Matt texted me saying they're doing a limited release- only black (the color I wanted anyways because it goes with stuff the best) and only a limited amount. We both quickly ordered, and it looks like they should be here in around 5 days! Yay!

I'm excited to see how much I walk each day in the city. I'm also excited to start tracking my sleep and my heart rate!

Website Launch Party


For my day job, I've been working on the new website project since I started in April. The final release was at 4am on Nov 21 (yup, super late night). Anyways, we finished the launch before I left, had a pizza party, and planned another party for this week (because a lot of people were out for the holiday on the actual release date).

The theme was "A New Frontier", space/western. I made a super cheesy/cute DIY photobooth and brought my camera in. We had such a great time taking photos and eating fajitas!

Lemon + Olive Oil + Salt


This sounds lame, but I have been loving this salad dressing lately. I adjust the portions depending on what macros I have left for the day, but it's just a really refreshing, simple dressing. You should give it a try!

I hope your week has been swell. Talk to you soon!