Friday Favorites #11

Woohoo! It's Friday, people! AND it's the Friday before a 3-day weekend -- thanks MLK :)

Work was really tough this week for me, so I am especially grateful for a little bit extra of time to relax. How was your week? Stressful? Normal? Chill? I hope it was chill. Because that's happy. And I want you to be happy.

Anyways, it's Friday, and I'm hopping back on the Friday Favorites bandwagon this week. Like a baws. 

Let's do this.

1. Officially deciding to register for the Brooklyn Half Marathon

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My fitness journey started with running. I ran the Houston Marathon in 2010 and the Austin Half in 2013. But for whatever reason (laziness), I've gotten off of running lately. I think it's because I've been primarily focusing on weight training. The more I started to think about it, the more I was encouraged to register for the race. I want to be the best, healthiest version of myself possible. I want to be athletic and well-rounded. 

I got super happy when I mapped out all of my training runs from now until the race (yes, I do plan things that far in advance sometimes). Registration opens next Wednesday at noon!

2. Finally starting a NYC Blogger Meetup Group

I've been thinking about this for a LONG time now. I love meeting other bloggers, and I feel like there is so much that bloggers can share/teach/learn from one another. And it's always nice to meet people with similar hobbies. I started a group with the intention of having monthly meet-ups to network and talk blog stuff. Hopefully I don't end up sitting at Brooklyn Roasting Company by myself next month!

3. Snow!!


In the past few weeks, I've seen more snow than I've ever seen in my life (reminder, I'm from Texas)! It's been really beautiful! I love watching flurries flutter to the ground. I could sit inside my apartment sipping tea and watching flurries out my window for hours. 

I will say that it adds an extra fun challenge to my morning commute. It's such a novelty to me - I've been taking lots of selfies and sending them to my mom. 

4. This little freebie cookbook from GNC


I went to GNC yesterday to buy more of my beloved Cellucor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Whey Protein Powder, and they were giving these little cookbooks out for free with purchase. It has some really interesting ideas for incorporating more protein and cutting out fat in normal recipes. I'm definitely going to give a bunch of these ideas a try!

5. Smoothies and Juices


I've noticed that since I started tracking my macros, I haven't been doing a great job of getting all of my micronutrients in each day. To make sure I get a good amount of fruits and veggies, I've been making smoothies and juices in the mornings. It's been so wonderful and refreshing -- more so than a cup of coffee!

How has your week been? What were the highlights?