Friday Favorites #3

It's crazy how quickly weeks go by in NYC -- like it seriously feels as though time goes by faster here. Maybe it's because New Yorkers are always in a rush. Not sure. 

Anyways, here are this week's favorites (in no particular order):

1. My New Terrarium


My sweet momma bought me the stuff to make this terrarium this weekend while we were at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I have been dying to have a terrarium of my own for ages -- thanks, Pinterest. And now I have one!! These little guys are a little cramped in the vase, so I may swap them out for my succulents and put them in something with a little more room. We'll see. 

2. Lobo - TexMex in NYC


We found a TexMex place that has free bottomless chips and salsa AND good queso. Y'all know that I eat really healthy most of the time, but I am human. And I do crave good TexMex sometimes. Matt and I went to Lobo on Wednesday night, and we loved it. Definitely our new go-to place for cheat meals!

3. Our church moved to a new building


This is super exciting for our little, growing church. We have a larger, consistent space to meet in that better suits our needs for kids ministry. Also, this place boasts both A/C and heat! Heck yes.

Note: Yes, I did fit that celebratory mini cupcake into my Sunday macros. 

4. Pumpkin Crumb Mug Cake - from KatiesFitScript

Omg. Look at that thing! So fall. So full of protein. Soo makes my mouth water. I am definitely going to make this thing myself soon -- sharing Katie's recipe with you guys so you can make it too!

5. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden


I know I briefly talked about this on Monday, but I just want to voice again how much I was impressed by the BBG. It's really big and full of plant diversity. I especially loved the herb garden (they had cute little pepper and kale, among other things, growing in there) and the rose garden.

I love plants -- inside and outside the apartment. Honestly, as big of a city as NYC is, there is a surprisingly large amount of green space in the city. And this garden was just so beautiful and lush -- even in September! I can't wait to visit again in the spring!

6. #Girlboss


I'm almost done with this awesome book. It's been really encouraging and motivating for me to reach Sophia's story-- $50 + a lot of hard work = a multi-million dollar company.

The book makes me want to work harder and push towards my goals! I have a bunch of quotes from this book that I'll share with you guys on Twitter. 

How has your week been?