Friday Favorites #4

We're almost to the weekend!! AND it's the first weekend of October -- yay!! It helps me to get through the day on Friday to think about some of my favorite things from the week. Hence, Friday Favorites. 

Little Notebooks + Zebra Pens


I keep these with me all the time so that when I have a blogging idea or to-do, I can immediately write it down. I fell in love with Zebra pens after stealing a bunch of them from my husband -- love you, Matt. They feel nice in your hands, they write well, and they're relatively cheap. I bought some of my own.

Fall Clothes -- Sweaters and Boots


It's no secret that I love fall -- and Morton does too! 

50 Things I Love About NYC via missglamorazzi

I love Ingrid's videos, even when they're not about a topic that I'm particularly interested in. I'm not sure if that's weird, but I just like following her YouTube channel. She just moved from CA to NYC, and posted a video about all here favorite NYC things. It's super well made, gave me some new ideas for NYC activities, and she actually walks right past me in the video -- seriously, I was standing in line at Grimaldi's in DUMBO (min 6:03). 

REI Umbrella

This umbrella is so awesome. I had broken so many Duane Reade umbrellas, and decided to invest in a good umbrella. This one from REI is perfect. It's cute, it has and wind flap, and it auto- opens and closes. Take that, NYC wind!

What have you been up to this week? Big weekend plans?