Friday Favorites #5

Another week has passed, and it's Fri-yay! We have Texas friends coming in town today, so it's an especially exciting friday. We're going to take them to some of our favorite city spots and make sure they try some staple New York cuisine. 

Speaking of NY staple food, here are this week's Friday Favorites:

Our "Bagel Saturday" tradition


Matt and I have made a tradition of taking Morton for a long walk on Saturday morning all the way to a great bagel shop. He goes in and orders, and I wait outside with Morton. We then eat the bagels sitting on a park bench, and then walk back home. I realize that bagels aren't the most nutrient dense food and that they're super high in carbs. We just cut back on our carbs and fats throughout the rest of the day. We can totally still hit our macro goals. 

Dropping 2% Body Fat

Despite Bagel Saturday, I've managed to drop 2% body fat in the last year by lifting weights and eating well. Lately, I've been doing IIFYM so that I can fit in more splurges without feeling so guilty about it. Matt and I have also started to up our cardio -- more often and more intense.

Muhammad Ali Quotes

To get your butt into the gym and away from donuts, you have to find ways to keep yourself motivated. This is kind of random, but I've been feeling motivated lately by Muhammad Ali quotes. I like the idea of identifying myself as a champion, and I like being reminded that although training and diet isn't always easy, it's worth it. 

Photo Shoot at Work

Work has been a bit overwhelming lately, but Wednesday and Thursday this week, I got to work with a photography team to take new photos of our office and employees for the website. It was really fun and creative, and I think my coworkers who participated had a good time. 

How was your week?