Friday Favorites #6

My goofy dog


Morton is such an instant mood booster. He's such a great snuggler and he's just really cute. 

Our Freaking Budget 

 Don't think you need a budget? Think again.

Don't think you need a budget? Think again.

I just found this blog the other day, and I'm so hooked. I'm not the best when it comes to personal finances, so it benefits me a lot to read advice from people who know what they're talking about. This blog is not only informative, it's also funny and totally relatable. I really love it. 

Silly Fantasy Football-related jokes

Realizing that you made it the whole day without touching meat, AND you hit your macros

Breakfast - 2 eggs + 1/3 cup egg whites, scrambled

Snack - honeycrisp apple

Lunch - tofu, brown rice, broccoli

Snack - greek yogurt + protein powder

Dinner - protein pancakes

Snack - Cliff bar

Friends who help out when you really need it

Matt went to the ER yesterday, which was a really scary experience. But our church friends were really there for us. They put him in a cab to get him there, and sat with me in the ER while I was trying to comfort Matt and not pass out at the same time. They drove us all over Brooklyn to find a pharmacy that carried the prescriptions we needed, bought us dinner, drove us home, and even reparked our car so that we didn't have to worry about street cleaning in the morning. Thank the Lord for friends. I'm feeling really loved, and thankful that people care about my husband and I. Thank you so much Logan, Bryson, and Ro. You guys are amazing.

Sidenote: Matt's okay. Turns out, he has a kidney stone. He was discharged after 4 or so hours, and sent home with some heavy duty drugs (I think one is technically a narcotic).

Happy Friday, y'all. And Happy Halloween!