Friday Favorites - 6/10/16

When my alarm went off at 5am this morning, my body was not feeling it. And neither was my mind. I knew that I had already pushed my tempo run off one day due to weather, so it just had to happen this morning. It was one of those barely alive, rolled out of bed already in my running clothes kinda mornings. I ran my first two warm-up miles very slowly, even though they felt fast and hard. I was really proud of my course today because I mapped it so that my tempo run was all around Waneka Lake, which meant I didn't have to deal with traffic or hills. #winning 

My tempo run was 4 miles between 7:45-8:00 miles. I had to look at my watch like 10x per mile to make sure I was in the right range and ended up doing my last mile too fast -- I think because I really wanted it to be over. 

Happy that I'm done for the day and that I can rest up this evening before my 12-miler tomorrow morning. I kind of want to switch to doing all my runs in the morning. It's really hard to wake up, but once it's over, I'm always happy that I got it over with in the morning. Plus, it's starting to become really hot at 4pm when I get off work. We'll see if I can convince myself to do that. 

Over the past couple of months, I've collected some new things that I wanted to share with you guys. Nobody is paying me to say this stuff, I genuinely love all of these products. 

Product: Brooks Streaker Hoodie

I love this hoodie so much. It's so freaking comfortable. I wear this entirely too often -- both on runs (not as much lately now that it's getting warmer) and in regular life. For me, this is one of those wardrobe staples that you are so happy you have. It's made of thin, sweat-wicking material that provides the perfect amount of warmth for springtime. 

Product: Under Armour Breathe Sports Bra

My target sports bras have just not been cutting it lately. I picked up two of these babies at Sports Authority this week (deep orchid and black). I'm a 32 C, and this provides the perfect amount of support for me without making me feel squished. Big fan. 

Product: Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated

Historically, I've been really bad about not hydrating during my long runs. I think that belts look super dorky and I don't like holding things. When I was training for the Houston Marathon, I'd just wait until I got home, even for my longest runs. Terrible. Now that I'm training at altitude, I have to take hydration even more seriously. I get tired faster and the sun straight up feels hotter/closer here (because it is). I bit the bullet and bought this little guy and while I would prefer to not carry anything, this does the job it needs to do. It carries 18oz of water (or Nuun water), and keeps it semi cool the whole time. The insulation doesn't work as well as a S'well bottle or something, but I guess I shouldn't have that expectation for a handheld. This does the job it needs to do well. And the strap does make it significantly less annoying to be carrying something. 

Product: Bern Berkeley Helmet

Matt and I finally bought bikes when we moved here! The nice people at Louisville Cyclery were very helpful and not condescending towards us even though we were such noobs. We needed to buy lights and locks and helmets as well, but the helmets there were too dorky/triathlete looking to me. I wanted something with a little more street style. Our friends in Brooklyn have these same Bern helmets and so we went to REI to take a look at them. I was sold when they told me that this helmet would actually work for snow sports as well (you just purchase a warm lining to go inside). I'm all about double whammies, so we both bought these. 

Product: Threshold Rope Texture Tabletop Planter

Not fitness-related, but still something that has been making me really happy. Our new apartment has a patio, so I can keep plants alive again! I just have this one gardenia plant that I have managed to keep happy for almost 2 months. To celebrate it's not-deadness, I bought it this super cute pot at Target. It's the little things...

Product: Zeal Kennedy Sunglasses

No surprise here. I wear these babies every single day. They're in most of my Instagram photos. They are really light weight and make me feel stylish. Also, I'm trying to do a better job at protecting my eyes from this new altitude sun that hates me. FYI: I'm also wearing sunscreen on most of my runs now too.  

What products are you loving lately?