Friday Favorites #7

Another week. Another favorites. Here we go. 

Asics Blogger Meetup


Saturday morning, attended the #teamasics blogger meetup. It was a little funny because Katie and I were like the only ones who weren't running the Marathon the next day. Regardless, it was fun to meet new people and connect a face to an instagram handle. Here are some of the people I met:

We talked running, blogging, social media, shoes, and apparel. Everyone was so kind. I had a total blast. We started the meetup at the Library and then moved to a coffee shop and then moved again to the Midtown Asics store. The store is pretty dang awesome. They have an old, refurbished subway car in the store that they use to house their retro styles. 

Double Date with Katie and Tanner


Matt and I went on a double date with Katie and her husband Tanner on Saturday. In all honesty, these two are an answered prayer for me. I've been dying for Christian friends who share my distinctive interests/hobbies. These two are remarkably similar to Matt and I. It's so easy to stick to our healthy habits when we spend time with healthy people haha. We got grilled chicken salads for lunch and then headed to Brooklyn Roasting Company to chat and grab some coffee. 

I don't know if it's just me, but I can have a really hard time bonding with girls. I think it may be because of my really driven personality and my bro-ish hobbies... not sure. But Katie has been such a natural click. Yayyyy for new friends!!!

It's Elf Season

Elf is my favorite movie. I couldn't count how many times I've watched it. My college roomies used to make fun of me for watching it in the summer, but I mean... come on. It's funny all year long. Now that it's getting to be pretty cold here in New York. I've decided that it is socially acceptable for me to start watching Elf again. And now that I live in NYC, I can pay special attention to the city details. I think Matt and I are going to make an Elf bucket list and try to do as many Elf things as we can. (Nope. Not eating gum off the subway.)

How was your week?