Friday Favorites #8

Cake Batter Chapstick


Missglamorazzi has been talking about this stuff the past couple weeks, so when I saw it at target, I couldn't resist the compulsion to buy. And I totally don't regret it one bit. This chapstick is your standard chapstick as far as functionality and feel, but it straight up tastes like vanilla cupcakes. Brilliant.

My New Moleskine Planner


I'm really picky when it comes to planners. I had the Erin Condren Life Planner last year, and it was great until I moved to NYC. That thing is just too big to tote around with me all day. And if it just sits on my desk at home, it won't get used properly. I replaced that one with a new Moleskine planner that will take me from now until the end of 2015. At first, I was really underwhelmed by the starkness/lack of color on these guys, but then I remembered washi tape. I decorated the front and back cover with washi tape and then have been sorting my notes categories with washi tape as well. So much more fun!

Study Time for My NAFC Nutrition Cert


I've been pretty diligently working on my NAFC nutrition cert coursework. Matt and I have study dates over the weekend and I've also been reading/taking notes on the subway (only really possible when I get a seat). I'm really pushing to complete my cert by the end of the year so that I can start providing coaching to you guys in 2015! Who's excited about that??

Morton's Instagram Account


I legitimately think this is the best thing I've done all week. Yup, I started an Instagram account for my dog, Morton. I love his newsfeed (all dogs), and I weirdly love commenting on other dog's photos as if it were from his perspective. Super weird, but it brings me a lot of joy. If you want regular, cute pictures of Mort, his handle is @Morton_thedog.