Friday Favorites #9


Wow. This week was craziness. With preparing for vacation + joining a new women's bible study + launching a new website at my full-time job + figuring out who is going to watch Morty while we are gone, I have just been a ball of nerves. It's really hard to remain positive and calm in the midst of stressful things. If you have good tips for that, please let me know!

Anyways, you're not here to listen to me whine about my stressful week. You're here for happy stuff, so let's get right to that. 

This Friday Favorites is going to be a little bit different because it's topical, as opposed to all over the place like my faves normally are. Today, I want to share some of my favorite books -- ones that I have read and ones that are on my want list. 

Good Reads

1. A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson

This is a fun little travel book that I enjoy reading over and over. It's an account of a not-super-athletic, middle-aged man who hikes [most] of the Appalachian Trail with his old friend from college who is just so unprepared. This book is interesting to me because I love reading real life stories about hiking adventures, and it's also really really funny and charming.

2. The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga & The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises

I would say that both of these books are staples in my health/fitness library. I reference them quite whenever I have a question about form or about what types of exercises/poses make the most sense for my fitness/yoga routines. 

3. Reason for God - Tim Keller

Tim Keller is a well-known pastor here in NYC. He is incredibly intelligent, and in this book, he lays out a lot of common questions/issues that intellectual non-Christians have with Christianity, and how we, as Christians, should respond. It's super practical knowledge that can be applied to those difficult conversations.

4. Shut Up and Tweet - Phil Pallen

This book is really short - like you could read it in an afternoon, but the information is really useful. I went from 300 to 1400 Twitter followers in a matter of two months by using the strategies from this book. 

5. The Mark of the Lion Series - Francine Rivers

I adore Francine River's historical fiction books (Redeeming Love, anyone?), and I think this series might be my overall fave of hers. The time period is after the death of Christ, and it's a story of a young Christian girl who has been taken as a slave in Rome. I don't want to give too much a way, but you will fall in love with the characters of this book, and they will inspire you to grow deeper in your faith, as well as increase in your patience, kindness, and meekness.

6. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire - Jim Cymballa

This is a great book on prayer. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow in their prayer life. It's written by a pastor here in Brooklyn who started leading a prayer meeting at his church that went from a handful of people to hundreds of people because of the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

7. The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

My company is reading this book for our book club right now, and it's been super interesting. It's a practical book about how habits are created, and how we can redefine them. It's basically behavioral psychology/positive reinforcement written in a more accessible way. 

My Want List

1. Prayer - Tim Keller

I love Tim Keller, and I'm always trying to grow in my prayer life. I asked my mommy to buy me this book for Christmas. Anyone read it yet?

2. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

I'm a big A Beautiful Mess fan. I love their style and their tutorials, so I bet this would be a creative and fun book. 

3. The Body Book - Cameron Diaz

This book intrigues me. I'm not normally into celebrity fitness books because they're usually not based on a lot of fact, but this one seems more real. 

4. Foodist - Darya Pino Rose

I've heard people say good things about this science-based nutrition book, and I'm interested to see if they talk about flexible dieting/IIFYM at all. 

5. Leading with a Limp - Dan B Allender

This is a book Matt read for seminary. He really enjoyed it, and I think it helped him learn to be a more servant-hearted leader. 

6. Think - John Piper

Another of Matt's books for seminary. Piper focuses on loving God, not just with our hearts and souls, but also with our minds. An intellectual pursuit of God is good for your relationship with Him as well as your relationship with the world. 

What are some of your favorite books? And what's on your want list?