Friday No. 1

No. 1

I got exciting news that I'm going to be an ambassador for both Newton Running and Tiux Compression Socks! I already use their products in my current training regime, and now I'll get to review new products and partner with them through this blog. I'm pretty excited about it. 


No. 2

There's this phrase that people jokingly say a lot here -- #BoulderAverage. The joke is that Boulder people are super intense when it comes to outdoors and fitness. People like to post things like I saw someone running sprint intervals up Mount Sanitas #BoulderAverage. It makes me laugh because it's so true. You know how people talk about kids who are really successful in high school being surprised when they go to college that they're not the best anymore. It's kind of like that. If you think you're fast, you're probably not. If you think you're intense, you're probably not. Boulder average is higher than normal average.

All that to say, I tried to be #BoulderAverage yesterday by doing my 7-mile fartlek workout outside after work. Conditions: 5 degrees, sunset, a foot of snow, very few shoveled roads/sidewalks. It was hard as heck. It felt like running through sand and I found myself wondering if it were possible to get frostbite on your butt. Is it? Probably.


It was fun and made me feel intense, but I don't know how it was as far as progressing my training. I tried to base the workout on effort instead of pace. It was super hard to get an 8min mile pace out while running in snow. Thank goodness for my waterproof Newtons and my micro spikes. Kept me on my feet.

No. 3 

My friend showed me this site (The Girlfriend Collective) that is trying to get their name out there by giving workout leggings away for free -- all you have to do is pay for shipping and wait several months for them to arrive. Pretty great. She got hers already and said they feel really high quality.


No. 4

I started the Kayla Itsines BBG Week 1 and it is so hard. That on top of my snow run has left my legs feeling like they got run over by some bikes. I downloaded the app and am doing the free 1-week trial. Honestly, so far I'm not sure the app is worth it if you already have the guides. The main draw is the timer. It's built in so that you don't have to have a separate timer going while you're looking at the PDF plan. 


This Week's Training:

Monday: Hiked the Chautauqua/Flatirons loop
Tuesday: Rested again (wasn't feeling well)
Wednesday: BBG Week 1 Legs
Thursday: 7mi Snow Fartlek -- 2mi WU | 4x2min hard on 2min easy, 4x1min hard on 2min easy, 4x30sec hard on 90sec easy | 1mi CD
Friday: 5mi recovery w/ 5x20 sec strides on 40 sec jog recovery after mile 4 ++ BBG W1 Arms
Saturday: 6mi Alternations -- 1mi WU | alternating tempo of 1mi at 8:20 on 1mi at 8:00 for 4 miles | 1mi CD ++ BBG W1 Abs
Sunday: 9mi Long Run with 6x1min hard on 1min easy after mile 6