Friday No. 2

No. 1

I did a much better job at sticking to my runs this week. On Sunday, I did my long run with some of my running besties. It was a micro spikes snow and slush adventure. Eventually, we decided it was too slushy on trails (our feet were soaking wet), and we all carried our spikes the rest of the way. It felt super uncomfortable to carry things in both hands (spikes in one, water in the other), especially when some sidewalks and roads were still icy. 

snow run

It's so much better to do long runs with friends. Talking makes the time go by faster, and knowing that other people are just as crazy as you are to be running in various weather conditions keeps you from turning back home. 

No. 2

All day Saturday, like 8am-5pm, I was in a local church sanctuary recording music. 


I play keys and sing back-up vocals for our church's worship band. Our worship leader wanted to be able to provide the church with free access too all of our covers, so we just knocked it all out in one day. The goal was for them to sound like they were recorded on a Sunday morning. We all took turns singing "gang vocals," which is intended to sound like the congregation. I'm really looking forward to listening to the recordings!

No. 3

We're closing on our house today!! Later this afternoon, we will officially be homeowners. And that is insane. The current owner is renting from us for a month or so, so it's a bit anti-climactic. I can't wait to move in in February!

No. 4

I already cancelled the BBG app. It's definitely not worth $20 a month to me when I already have the PDFs. So I started week 1 of the BBG 1.0 PDF guide this week. 


This Week's Training:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5mi Recovery Run + BBG W1 Legs
Wednesday: 7mi Medium Long Run
Thursday: Treadmill "Track" Workout - 2mi WU | 6 x 800m at 3:30 on 400m jog | 1mi CD
Friday: 5mi Recovery Run w/ 5x15sec Hill Sprints on Walk Down Recovery + BBG W1 Arms & Abs
Saturday: 12mi Long Run + BBG W1 Full Body
Sunday: Rest