Frozen veggies are cool

frozen veggies

Frozen veggies get a bad rap. There's a common misconception that frozen veggies are less nutritionally valuable than fresh veggies, but that's not true! Honestly, I usually prefer fresh to frozen. But when I'm in a hurry or when I want to buy something that I can't use up before it wilts, having veggies in the freezer is great.

Frozen veggies are nutrient dense

Think about this for a second: fresh veggies are usually transported from far away. This process can take weeks. Because of this, fresh veggies are harvested early so that they can reach full ripeness on the commute. Frozen veggies are frozen right after they are picked -- this means they can delay harvest until they are truly ripe (and full of nutrients). Also, when a vegetable is not in season, it tends to be even less fresh/ripe when you buy it fresh.

Frozen veggies keep for longer

How many times have you bought a bag of fresh green beans that you weren't able to finish before they went bad? If you're not cooking for a bunch of people or eating the same thing every day, the answer is probably pretty often. When I was living by myself in NYC (before my husband joined me up here), it was so hard to finish fresh produce. I found myself buying more frozen veggies than usual so that I wouldn't waste a bunch of food. If you're single, or even a couple with no kids, you can probably empathize with that. Consider buying frozen veggies when you don't think you can finish all the fresh stuff.

Frozen veggies can always be on hand

If, on a whim, I decide that I want to throw some edamame into my stir fry, I find it so easy to just pull out my frozen bag and put a couple spoons of beans into my pan. I don't have to go to the store every time I decide I want edamame.

Moral of the story: if you're cooking for one, buying veggies that you can't eat a lot of at once, or buying veggies that are out of season, frozen veggies are a great option.

**Do make sure to check the ingredients to make sure you're not buying something with a bunch of additives or sodium. Stick with the plain jane stuff.

What do you buy fresh and what do you buy frozen? Let me know in the comments!