Get Jacked 2014

Matt (my husband) and I jokingly came up with the hashtag #getjacked2014 as we were talking about how we wanted to be more diligent with our fitness and dietary efforts this year. The more we thought about it, the more we liked it -- so I guess it's gonna stick. We are committed to eating clean, lifting heavy, and sweating a lot this year. We started getting serious about our food on January 1st (the day after we started Kris Gethin's 12-week trainer). We did this program last fall but didn't see the results we wanted because we weren't eating clean.

We're serious about it this time, and Matt is encouraging me to up my weights so that I can build the muscle I want. Both of us are tired of having unreached goals that we know are totally possible!

Here are our starting points:

 Bridget's Before

Starting Weight: 114.6

Starting Measurements:

  • Chest - 33inches
  • Waist - 27.5inches
  • Hips - 34inches
  • Bicep (unflexed) - 10inches
  • Thigh - 19.5inches

 Matt's Before

Starting Weight: 189.0

Starting Measurements:

  • Chest - 40inches
  • Waist - 36inches
  • Hips - 38inches
  • Bicep (unflexed) - 13.2inches
  • Thigh - 24.5inches

What are we doing to "get jacked"?

Workout: Kris Gethin's 12-week trainer



  • M1: 3 eggs (+1/2 cup oatmeal on lifting days)
  • M2: fruit + protein powder or almond/peanut butter
  • M3: 4oz chicken + veggies (+4oz sweet potato or brown rice on workout days)
  • M4: protein bar or avocado w/ pumpkin seeds or string cheese or protein powder or veggies and hummus
  • M5:4oz chicken or fish + veggies (+4oz sweet potato or brown rice on workout days)
  • M6: casein protein shake + 1oz nuts

Water: trying to drink a gallon a day

This is just what we're starting out with. We will see how it works and make adjustments accordingly. You can follow along with my workouts, food, and lifestyle on my Instagram account: @SweatStretchEat.

What are your goals? How can Matt and I help to encourage you to reach them?