Get Jacked 2014 - Feb Update

If you guys read my Get Jacked 2014 post, you know that Matt and I are really trying to get serious about healthy eating and exercise. This is our one month progress update. January had its ups and downs. My birthday was in the middle of the month and we splurged a little too much. Birthday cheat meal turned into birthday cheat week. I'm all for having a slice of cake on your birthday, but I didn't need to have a slice of cake at each of, like, 5 birthday celebrations that were thrown for me.

We all have slip-ups. I'm sure you understand. But slipping up doesn't mean that we have to quit. We just have to just do the best we can every day, always moving forward.

So, anyways... let's look at the numbers:

Jan 1

Feb 1


Weight: 117.2lbs (up 3lbs -- hoping that is mostly muscle gains) Waist - 26in Hips - 32in Bust - 33.5in Bicep - 10.5in Thigh - 19in


Jan 1

Feb 1


Weight - 189lbs (exact same as last month) Waist - 35in Hips - 41in Chest - 39in Bicep - 13.5in Thigh - 25in

Here's to a more diligent and determined February!