Getting Ready for BolderBoulder

The BolderBoulder 10k is this coming Monday, and I'm getting really excited about it. Last night, my coach Neely led a group run that previewed the course, which was surprisingly helpful and encouraging. 

I didn't all-out push myself, but I did push harder than normal and was able to average out at a 7:50 per mile pace. That's the fastest pace I've been able to maintain at Boulder's altitude! I think I'm going to try to aim for a 7:45 average pace at the race and if I have more steam towards the end, I'll push harder. 

Neely gave me some great advice about the race:

  1. Start off holding back. The course is not an easy one -- lots of hills. 
  2. Pick up speed at mile 4, it's the only part of the race that is net downhill, so you can gain some serious distance if you push through that mile. 

We cut the bottom part of the run out (ending at Folsom Field) because we wanted to end up back by our cars. So the finale of this race will be a thrilling surprise, ending in the CU stadium!

As far as transportation goes, I think it probably will make the most sense for me to take the bus into Boulder. Parking sounds like a complete nightmare. We haven't used the bus system here at all yet, so hopefully it's as simple as the bus system in NYC. 

I am going to take the actual run seriously (I want to push for a challenging finish time), but I know that a lot of people do this race entirely for fun. Apparently, along the course there are slip and slides, free bacon, and all sorts of other weird entertainment provided by locals. It's like a huge, fit Memorial Day celebration. I'm excited to check it all out after I finish, but during the race, I'll be in the zone. 

Have any of you guys run BolderBoulder before?