Goal Setting and Planning for 2015

Can y'all believe that 2015 starts next week?!! Even thought I know precisely when it is coming, the new year seems to surprise me every December.

With the new year, I'm doing my annual tradition of goal setting. This weekend, I worked through part of Susannah Conway's (free) "Unraveling the Year Ahead" workbook for 2015. I've done workbook for the past 2 years, and am happily continuing that tradition into 2015. 

The workbook is a great for overall life goal setting. It helps you think deeply on what you learned and how you have grown over the past year, and then helps you to dream about the year to come intentionally and with milestones. 

It's pretty long, so it does take some time to complete, but I would say that it's totally worth it. I also highly encourage you to talk through the workbook with a friend. Friends can help you dream and help you to create achievable milestones. 

As you can hopefully tell, my blog has improved leaps and bounds in 2014. And I'm planning for 2015 to be incrementally better! I have lots of exciting things planned, and I want to hold myself accountable to those specific goals. 

I purchased ($8) the Mama Miss 2015 Blogger Planner download. The PDF includes the following printables:

  • 2015 blog goals
  • Monthly post schedulers
  • Income/expense trackers
  • Stat trackers
  • Guest posting trackers
  • And more!

I printed the sheets I wanted to use half size, and am going to keep it inside the pocket of my Moleskine planner.