Hamstrings/Quadriceps/Glutes Workout

Barbell squat with heels raised This was my routine from yesterday. I was incredibly sore in the glutes after this workout, so it's definitely a good one!

Do each of these exercises 8-10 times. Each circuit (set of two exercises) 3 times. 

I listed the weight I used, but you can increase/decrease your weight depending on your strength level. Remember that you want to keep your form correct, but you also want to challenge yourself. The last 1-2 reps should be a struggle with each time you do each exercise.

Barbell squat

Barbell deadlift

Barbell Bulgarian split squats

Single leg barbell deadlift

Standing cable hip abduction

Standing cable hip adduction

Dumbbell side lunge and touch


Swiss ball hip raise and leg curl

High box jump

Dumbbell step up

Kettle ball swing