Health Benefits of House Plants


Having plants in your home is far more valuable than just making your space look pretty. The presence of plants in your living quarters is actually beneficial to your health! You may not know this about me, but I LOVE plants. It's a big dream of mine to have an apartment full of plants. 

(Below is a picture of me geeking out over a gorgeous bonzai tree at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.)


Historically, I haven't had the greenest thumb. I was a serial plant killer for a while. But I'm trying to be intentional about my plant care these days, and for the most part it has been really wonderful. Even though I have my sweet Morton dog to keep life in my apartment, having plants adds to that livelihood even more! 


Not convinced they're worth the work? Here are the benefits you could be reaping from having plants in your home:

1. Bring nature indoors

Living in NYC makes this need even more prominent for me, but I think this is true for everyone. We were created with an appreciation for the beauty of nature, but so often we miss out on noticing it. For me, brining plants inside my home helps me to reconnect with the natural world. It helps me to feel more human and less like a robot -- haha. But really, I love the little pieces of nature that I get to share my home with. 

2. Improve air quality/alleviate allergies

Plants absorb CO2 and produce Oxygen. They can also help to remove toxins from the air, alleviating your risk of allergies and headaches. While 15 small plants are recommended for an 1,800 sq-ft home, every little plant helps. 


3. Fulfill our need to nurture

I love that my plants need my help to survive. I love seeing where in my apartment they thrive, and I love learning each plant's quirks when it comes to light and watering. It's really gratifying when you see a plant that you have been nurturing grow taller and taller. I love the challenge!

4. Reduce stress

Plants are known to have a calming effect on people, especially fragrant plants like lavender. 


5. Enhance brain power

And believe it or not, several studies have shown that plants can improve attentiveness and concentration by up to 70%! This must be why so many offices have plants in them -- they help to improve productivity and keep employees happy and calm!

To give you a starting place, here are some great house plants:

  • Fiddle leaf fig tree (I have one)
  • Coleus (I have two)
  • Succulents (I have two)
  • Spider plant
  • Rubber plant
  • English ivy
  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant

Happy home gardening!