I'm Officially Registered for Boston!!!


Is this real life?!

After working with my coach to speed up my time over the course of 7 months in 2016, and then qualifying at the NYC Marathon last November, and then waiting almost an entire year for my registration date, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! I get to run Boston in 2018!!

This is a goal I dreamed of when I was 19 training for my first marathon (Houston). And I'm getting to live it!

Note: I didn't realize that when you register, you're not officially in yet. When I found out my registration was Friday, I assumed that it'd be official as of Friday. Nope. The confirmation screen basically says, we're going to confirm your qualifying time and let you know if you're in. I talked to some friends about it who had run the race before and they said that it could take a week or so to know if you're in. Thankfully, I got the email today!

This will probably be my only time going to Boston - not because I don't want to continue improving my times, but because it's so expensive and I'm going to be a mom soon. It's just something that I wanted to be able to experience in my life. I fully plan on training hard (once I get doctor clearance after baby arrives), but I also don't need this race to be a PR. I just want to take it all in and enjoy it!

Who else will be there next year?


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