It's my 25th Birthday!

Today is my 25th Birthday! I asked my mom to scan some birthday pictures from when I was little and these are the two she sent. I laughed when I opened the file because Chuck E Cheese is so accurate. I think I spent every birthday at that place until it was really socially unacceptable (maybe a little beyond). I was a huge fan of stuffed animals, and Chuck E was a giant, moving one! Plus, you know, games and stuff. I also love the second picture. Not sure what's going on with that cake. Looks to me like a pizza crust with cinnamon icing, a little mermaid plastic toy and two candles. Haha total guess. I definitely don't remember that. 

Life is full of such beautiful little moments. I'm praying for a heart that will enjoy every season as it comes, and not live in a state of constant wishing for the next season. 

I just finished today's training run, and I'm feeling really proud. I just ran 4 miles at a 7:56 pace!!! That's so good for me! My last 4-miler (this past Saturday was at an 8:24 pace). 


In honor of my birthday, I created a HIIT workout for you guys full of 25s. I would love it if you gave it a try!!


25 tuck jumps is really hard. But you only have to do it twice, so go for it!

Anyways, I'm off to the gym and then getting ready for a delightful day with my hubby. Happy Friday!