January Favorites - 2016


Matt bought me a Garmin watch for Christmas, and I've been running with it for the past month. The fact that I don't have to hold my phone in my hand while I run anymore makes me really happy. The accuracy of the pace/GPS is second to none, and the heart rate monitor has taken my training game to a whole different level. I'm currently using this to increase my cardiovascular endurance by doing my easy/long runs to a heart rate below 140bpm.

SmartWool Neck Gaiter

I've been thinking about purchasing one of these guys for a while, because I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold weather, and running in regular scarves isn't ideal due to the fact that they're not moisture wicking. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a SmartWool neck gaiter from Jack Rabbit (a local running store). 

To say that I love this thing is a huge understatement. I love it so much that Matt wants to get one of his own. It's warm, but not too heavy. You can pull it up over your face if the cold becomes too much, or you can use it as an ear warmer if your neck gets too warm. 

Runa Tea

I love trying new teas, and this subtly sweet, organic tea from Runa has made its way onto my yes list. The canned version of this is a little too caffeinated for me, but the bottled teas are perfect. And the fact that it's fair trade makes me feel even better about drinking it. Every little bit counts. 

Barry's Tempeh

Since I stopped eating meat again, I've been experimenting with different types and brands of vegetarian alternatives. Tempeh is probably my favorite, and this made-in-Brooklyn brand is extra tasty! They sell it at Fairway in Red Hook.

Fresh Flowers

I know they're not seasonal, but I think that's why they're so important to me right now. Living in a winter world of black and white makes having colorful, fresh flowers in my home more important. They remind me that warmer times are coming.

No Meat Athlete Radio

I listen to a lot of fitness/health podcasts, and while this isn't the most organized/professional healthy podcast out there, it's really engaging. The two guys who run the show are really down-to-earth and practical about things. It definitely feels more like you're chatting with educated friends, rather than feeling like a prepared TED Talk or something. 

Training for My Races

I am SO excited about my upcoming races. So far, I have 2 on my calendar for 2016, and I'm looking to add a third in the fall. 

  • Sweat Stretch Eat Virtual Half Marathon - May 1 (Run with me!)
  • Boulder Half Marathon - September 25