Kris Gethin's 12-Week Trainer


gethin_12week_landing_header My husband and I have been wanting to switch our routine up and were trying to figure out what we could change to break our plateaus in training when I found the free training guides on<-- did you guys know these existed??

We looked through several different plans but decided to choose Kris Gethin's in the end. I think the main selling point was the fact that he does the entire 12 weeks with you, like he got fat so that he could show his progress along the way -- now that's commitment.

We just started on Saturday, so I can't go into too much of a review for the plan yet, but the past two days have been tough! I felt a little sick to my stomach after the first leg workout (which he said is common when you work really hard after a meal).

Here are my first two workouts:

Legs Day:

  • Angled Leg Press
    • 3WU (warm up) sets of 10 reps with 55lbs on each side
    • 15 reps w/ 70s
    • 12 reps w/ 80s
    • 12 reps w/ 90s
  • Seated Leg Curl
    • 2WU sets of 15 reps w/ 30lbs
    • 15 reps 45s
    • 12 reps 60s
    • 12 reps 70s
  • Leg Extension
    • 2WU sets of 15 reps w/ 40lbs
    • 16 reps 70s
    • 12 reps 90s
  • Prone Leg Curl
    • 2WU sets of 15 reps w/ 40lbs
    • 12 reps 60s
    • 12 reps 60s
    • 12 reps 60s
  • Hack Squat
    • 2WU sets of 15 reps w/ 35lbs on each side
    • 12 reps 45s
    • 12 reps 45s
    • 12 reps 45s

Chest and Triceps Day

  • Dumbbell Chest Press
    • 3WU sets of 10 w/ 17.5lb dumbbells
    • 10 reps 20s
    • 10 reps 22.5s
    • 10 reps 25s
  • Inclined Flies w/ Dumbbells
    • 10 reps 15s
    • 10 reps 17.5s
  • Straight Arm Pullover
    • 10 reps 15lbs
    • 10 reps 17.5lbs
  • Triceps Cable Pull Down
    • 10 reps 30lbs
    • 10 reps 30lbs
    • 10 reps 40lbs
  • Scull Crusher w/ Barbell
    • 10 reps 25lbs
    • 10 reps 35lbs
    • 10 reps 40lbs

Today is our first active rest day. I'm headed over to Friendswood to meet up with a TIU girl for a free bootcamp class!

Have any of you guys tried Kris Gethin's 12-Week Trainer or any of the other plans from If so, what did you think?