Last Week's Workouts

As I said last week, I want to bring you guys along in my personal fitness journey and have you all hold me accountable to my goals by documenting my workouts on here. Last week was, you know, Christmas, so my workout schedule wasn't super normal -- and neither was my food schedule. Nonetheless, I don't want to ever just count a week as a wash and give up because of a holiday or vacation, so here's what my week looked like.

Monday - REST

Tuesday - Legs + HIIT

Wednesday - Ran 3 miles @ 8:30 pace

Thursday - Back & Biceps + HIIT


Friday - Ran 3 miles @ 8:19 pace

Saturday - Shoulders + HIIT

Sunday - Chest & Triceps

Do you guys want to see details on the exercises/amount of weight I do at the gym or is that information overload?

How was your Christmas week? Did you get your workouts in?