Leg Day - Gym Workout


Want slender, "toned" legs? Hit the weights! Building strength in your legs will increase your overall metabolism and will enhance your feminine strength. Don't be afraid that using the squat rack will make you look like a man. It will not. It will lift your butt, and make your legs look great!

This workout does require a gym setting, but no need to be afraid of that. You are strong, and you are capable. If any of the above exercises look foreign to you, I highly suggest looking up some YouTube tutorials and pay attention to form. Form is #1. Get your form down with a low weight, and then up your weight as much as you can without compromising form. 


Pyramid set: This is a great way to start upping the amount of weight you can lift (building strength). The first set is low weight, high reps. The second set is medium weight, medium reps. And the third set is heavy weight, low reps. 

Superset: This basically just means that you are combining multiple exercises into one set. So for the abductors/adductors, you will do the two exercises back to back as if they are one exercise with two parts. 

Give this workout a try, and let me know what you think!