Lift and Tone Your Glutes

glutes workout Alright guys, this is a good one. And when I say "good one," I mean this workout has had me sore for 4 days! That's a sign that it was 1) challenging and 2) muscle building.

Matt and I are following the Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer again from It's a really great program, but since he's a guy, he focuses way more on chest than I would want to and not enough on glutes. For girls, working out chest is important. It helps to lift and perk up, but you probably don't need to max out and you probably don't need to do it twice a week. And Gethin never really focuses on glutes -- which is a very important body part for me to work on!

Lately, I've been just doing a few of the chest exercises and then while Matt continues to do the rest, I work on my glutes.

For these exercises, don't pick an easy weight. Pick a weight that really challenges you without compromising form. If you can't do all the sets with the original weight, drop some to finish the sets.


One thing to point out with the squats. For this exercise to really give you the burn you're looking for, you need to really get low into the squat. Keep your toes in front of your knees, and sit back low enough that your butt is parallel to your knees or lower. Then stand back up.

Give this workout a try and let me know how it goes!