Living in prAna

*This post is sponsored by prAna. All opinions are my own*

You know how some people are super loyal to certain brands? For instance, my husband is completely obsessed with Marmot for outdoor wear. He fell in love with an item and has been sticking with them ever since. My brother in law is more of a Mountain Hardware guy. 

Myself, I'm head over heels for prAna right now. I tried on my first pair of prAna pants in January. I saw my butt in the mirror, decided I had to have them, and have been hooked since. 

Traditionally, they're a yoga and outdoor apparel line, but their recent fall collection is actually very wearable for everyday. I've rocked my Meme Pants at work and at a bar so far. 

They're super cute and the skinny cut makes them much less outdoorsy than a traditional hiking pant. They've been wonderful in the summer because the subway can get really hot and the material of these pants is fantastically unsticky and flexible. 

It's interesting because they're light and airy for the summer, but paired with long johns are surprisingly warm in the winter. 

Matt and I are going camping/hiking this weekend, hopefully in Vermont. And I know that I'm bringing both pairs of my prAna pants. 

Exciting news: I get to share a 15% discount with you guys -- effective until Sept 30th -- on all prAna gear! Just use the discount code: LiveInprAnaF15