Lorna Jane Inspired Coffee Table Book

**This post is sponsored by Lorna Jane. All thoughts are my own**

The sweet ladies at Lorna Jane sent me this delightful coffee table book to review, and I'm really excited to share it with you guys.

What I love about Lorna Jane is that yes, it's fitspiration, but it's also super self-care/positive body image oriented. I think there needs to be more fitness businesses and brands that don't over sexualize fitness and promote healthy, active living instead.

I get really tired of the butt photos and sports bra photos all over Instagram sometimes. Women don't have to be overly sexual to be lovely. Being lovely is so much more than aesthetics -- but I digress.

LJ is not about that life. The company is overwhelmingly positive and if I have a daughter one day, I'd be happy to have her follow a company like this.

The book itself is gorgeous - complete with beautiful watercolor art, incredible photos, and motivating women. It's totally something pretty enough that you could keep on your coffee table to remind yourself of your commitment to health on a daily basis. 

Inside you'll find workouts, motivation, tips on optimism, and recipes for food, happy hour, tea, and more! 

I actually tried one of the recipes from the book myself - the burger board w/ miso slaw. Basically it's a bunless burger made of chicken breast with cabbage, kale, apples, and more veggies. On the side, I went with their suggested rosemary sweet potato fries. 

While my plate didn't look quite as photogenic as theirs, it was still totally delicious! This book is great for anyone who needs a pretty, daily reminder of the value of holistic health.