My 2016 Goals

I do a post like this every year (here's last year's), and even though I don't always achieve every goal, I think it's a valuable thing to do at the beginning of the year -- goal-setting. 


  • Read the Bible every day -- I'm doing the She Reads Truth 1 & 2 Peter study right now
  • Study and practice prayer (using books like these: 1 & 2)
  • Do a massive deep clean where I only keep things that bring me joy
  • Have people over for dinner and/or tea more often
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Set up no-screen hours in our home -- where we get off our phones and spend richer quality time together
  • Do a better job at going out of my way to make Matt's life easier


  • Boulder Backroads Marathon 9/25/16 -- Need to research training at sea level for a race at 5,000+ ft 
  • Reintroduce yoga into my normal routine -- I've gotten really out of practice
  • Continue with regular hiking trips
  • Plan and go on a backpacking trip
  • Give trail running a try
  • Experiment with returning to a plant-based diet. I was vegetarian/vegan for about 15 years and then started eating chicken and fish for the past 2 years, but am considering taking those both out of my diet again. 
  • Experiment with gluten free -- for at least a month and see how my body responds
  • Experiment with alcohol free -- for at least a month and see how my body responds


  • Complete the 3 A Beautiful Mess courses that I got last year -- they're so good, and I just need to make time to work through them
  • Create & start selling ebooks
  • Post 26 YouTube videos (I like the #26 because I'm turning 26 this month)
  • Get back into a regular cadence of posting
  • Be more involved/participative in Twitter
  • Develop more programming options
  • Consider how incorporating mental & spiritual health in with the physical health stuff would work
  • Explore the idea of launching a podcast