My 5 Favorite YouTubers

Before this year, I only watched specific videos on YouTube -- videos people sent me because they were funny, how-to videos, and SNL clips. But now, there are a handful of YouTubers that I watch every single one of their videos. Some of them are funny, some of them are helpful, and some of them are just pretty. 


Okay, I feel like I should disclaimer the heck out of this one. Dom is so funny, but he is REALLY very crude. He is a gymrat tool guy who does satirical videos making fun of different aspects of gym culture. The concept is based off the fact that most people learn how to gym from a bro, so all the science is based off personal experience or "bro science," rather than actual science. If you are a gym frequenter, you will most likely get a huge kick out of his videos. Keep in mind, I wouldn't listen to them on speakerphone in a public place. His jokes get really raunchy. Matt and I found his "How to Skip Leg Day" video and just about died laughing. We went back and watched every single one of his videos, and keep up with his new videos every week.  

Tone It Up

Y'all know that I love Karena and Katrina, so this shouldn't be a surprise. They post free workouts, beauty tips, recipes, and more. They're so cute and goofy, and their YouTube channel is just as good (if not better than) their blog. 


I found Ingrid's channel while looking for curling wand advice. Now, I pretty much don't make a beauty product decision without her help. No, I don't know her, but I like that she can do all the trial and error part for me so that I don't have to waste my money on products that don't work. Plus-- once I buy them, her videos show me how to use them! 


I'm not really sure how I started watching Eva. I guess I probably found her through Ingrid. The content of her videos is a toss up -- sometimes it's useful and informative, and sometimes it's pretty juvenile. I mean... she is like 19 or something. BUT the quality of her videos is so impressive! Her lookbooks are my favorite. 


This chick is great. She's a UK-based fitness vlogger who gives tips, teaches workouts, and helps her viewers get into shape! She's a personal trainer, so I think if you're really interested, she does online coaching. 

Who are your favorite YouTubers? I'd like to find some more fitness/nutrition people, so if you have recommendations, please leave me a comment below!