My Favorite Blog Posts of 2014


Can you believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve?! I sure can't. The past 9 months (while living in the city) has just flown by! I hope you have your New Year's resolutions ready, guys, because... you know... you should probably make them by end of day tomorrow, but we'll talk more about resolutions tomorrow. Prompted by the gals at A Beautiful Mess, I've decided to take a look back on Sweat Stretch Eat in 2014 and make note of all the good things that happened. So, without further adieu, here are my 25 favorites:

1. Pomegranate Grilled Chicken - This was seriously one of my very favorite recipes from this past holiday season. It's savory and sweet, and a nice variation on my standard grilled chicken.


2. Pecan Crusted Chicken - Another chicken diversity favorite. Maybe you can tell already, but I get super bored of the same old grilled chicken every day. This is a wonderfully delicious baked alternative, with a little added fat from the nuts and parmesan. 


3. Winter Persimmon Salad - I just posted this one yesterday, and it's already a favorite. It's a great combination of flavors with the arugula, shallot, persimmons, and almonds. Yummy!


4. Which Protein I Take and Why - I get asked about this a lot, so I'm really happy to have this post handy to email!


5. Chronic Dehydration - This is another topic that comes up a lot. If I could give each of you one healthy living recommendation, it would be to drink an adequate amount of water each day. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated and over-sugared (not a word) by soft drinks, juices, and PSLs. Drink more water!


6. Healthy Eating on the Go! - I love being able to make healthy living more accessible to people, and I think this blog does a great job of that. Most of us are always in a hurry, and always on the go. This post has some great tips for what to eat when you don't have a lot of time or you need to grab something really fast. 


7. The Matt - My husband, Matt, created this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. And therefore, I named it after him. 


8. The Christy - My good friend Christy absolutely hates burpees. I named this workout after her because it has a ridiculous amount of burpees. It is both funny and really difficult. 


9. Giant Ledge - Catskills Hike - Matt and I really love hiking and adventures. This was my favorite hike from 2014, but I hope to share many many more with you in 2015!


10. New Healthy Habits eBook - My first eBook! I worked really hard on this little project, and I'm still giving it away for free to anyone who signs up for my newsletter (you can find that in my sidebar -->).


11. Should You Workout When You're Sick? - We all get sick sometimes. And for us fitties, that leaves us with the decision of -- should we workout when we're not feeling 100%? Short answer: it depends.


12. How to Become a Morning Workout Person - I am totally a morning person. I love going to bed at 10, waking up early, and being super productive in the morning. In this post, I share my tips for how to convert to the early bedtime team. 


13. DIY 12-Week Workout Calendar - I love lists and hyper organized things. I have refreshed this project three times for my own workout schedule since I posted it. 


14. How to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class - As a certified yoga instructor, this is another question I get asked a lot. You really don't have to do anything crazy to prepare, and most studios provide equipment. 


15. 5 Tips for Improving Flexibility - This is something I'm still working on myself (I'm naturally super inflexible). 


16. Stop Looking Like a Tourist and Start Looking Like a Blogger - The struggle is real, y'all. My photographer makeover has been such a game changer for me. I am so much more likely to bring my camera along with me now that my stuff doesn't make me look like a tourist.


17. Basic Photography Tips - I've been trying to challenge myself with my photography this year, and I hope to grow even more next year! Of course, I'll share with you along the way. 


18. Monthly Meetup with Katiesfitscript - I absolutely loved working on this post with Katie. Unfortunately, we both got caught up with the holidays and traveling, and we didn't make one for December -- my apologies. We will come back strong in the new year with more content for you guys!


19. Knowing God - This post is basically me verbally processing some things I have been learning about my relationship with God. I get so caught up in the to-do items that go along with "Christian Living" that I forsake my actual relationship with God through prayer and meditation on scripture.

Also, isn't this such a cute little flower picture that I took in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens?!


20. Health Benefits of House Plants - I have historically had quite the black thumb. I have been working on my plant skills this year, and I have actually managed to keep a handful of them alive! Partay! I love having them in my home.


21. What I Learned at Last Weekend's Marriage and Parenting Retreat - I was so blessed and encouraged by this conference. 


22. Family Weekend in NYC - My mom and my brother came to visit me in the city! I got to play tour guide and take them to some of my favorite city spots. Hopefully in 2015, we can convince my dad to come visit. Maybe I'll take them upstate to go apple picking or something!


23. Morton Turns Three - Gosh. I mean, just look at that guy. Of course, this is one of my favorite posts from 2014. 


24. 12 Ways to Live a Happier Life - Some simple tips that are worth writing down or printing out. 


25. Puppy Pick-Me-Up - Last but definitely not least is this post. I love dogs, and I really enjoyed collecting all of the pictures that I used in this post. 

2014 has been amazing, and I can't wait to get to work on my 2015 goals for the blog. Thank your for your time and attention! You're amazing.

Hugs all around!