My first time teaching yoga

I taught my first class this weekend at 4-D Ranch for my church’s women’s retreat. In the weeks before retreat, I was really anxious. Having never taught a class before, I was allowing all the possible ways I could mess up run through my head over and over. I was afraid that I would forget everything or that someone would ask me a question I had no idea how to answer or that I would cry (I’m a nervous crier unfortunately). When I got to retreat, my friend Julie and I signed up for a small group and then walked over to the activities table to sign up for a green smoothie seminar and to see how many people had signed up for my yoga class. Eighteen people’s names were listed on my sheet! I had no idea there would be so many people interested. Again, my nerves kicked into high gear. I wanted my class to be presented flawlessly. I wanted my students to enjoy themselves and to leave class feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually after they left. That’s a lot of pressure for a first time teacher to put on herself!

I slept hard, led worship in the morning (another fun thing I got to do this weekend), and then started reviewing my class format. Soon enough, it was time for my class.


I smiled at everyone who came, thanked them for coming, and welcomed them to their mats with Tadasana. I asked them to set their intentions; my intention was reaching stillness and peacefulness in the midst of being out of my comfort zone. I said a silent prayer then began with the warm up series.

Utthita Trikonasana. Part of my first standing set.

I felt myself rest into the stillness. Here I was, leading a class on an open patio at a beautiful, secluded ranch. The breeze was brushing my bangs out of my face so that I could enjoy the view of the garden in front of me. This was peace. My nervousness melted away and I realized how comfortable I was on the mat. It felt natural to lead. I kept my schedule of asanas close by so that I wouldn't forget anything and led my hour long class successfully.

After class, several people came up to thank me, telling me this was their first yoga class ever and that they thoroughly enjoyed it. They continued to encourage me by saying that they would take a class from me anytime.

The Monday after retreat, I told my teacher trainer about how well the class went. She told me she felt like a proud mom!

I love that this is going to be part of my life in the near future. I love sharing this sense of peace with others.

Grace and peace to you.