My Kind of Healthy - Katie Ringley

Last week, I kicked off a series called My Kind of Healthy. Basically, in this series, I'm going to interview people I respect that have unique outlooks on what it means to be healthy. There are so many different ways to live a healthy life, and I think finding a path that you enjoy is so important. I hope this series encourages you to find what works for you!

I interviewed Cass Lane of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine last week, and this week I'm so excited to interview my good friend Katie Ringley. I talk about her a lot on this blog (cuz she's awesome), but I thought you guys might enjoy hearing her take on healthy. Especially because it is so different from Cass! 

If you don't already know, Katie is a blogger and a fitness/nutrition coach at Although a pharmacist by trade, this girl has turned her passion for fitness into a thriving business. She has helped so many people achieve their fitness goals, and has created a kind-hearted, God-fearing community of fitties on #teamkatiesfitscript. 

1. First, could you introduce yourself?


My name is Katie, and I'm a southern girl at heart (from NC) relocated to NYC for an adventure with my husband. I love the word passion in general so I try to live out each day passionately, whether that be in my relationship with Christ, friendships or my athletic adventures. I absolutely love running and the culture of marathon running. I love any outdoor activity (summer or winter), and hope to soon get into triathlons eventually doing an ironman.

2. What does "being healthy" mean to you, and how do you live that out?


Being healthy to me is so all encompassing. For me personally, that has meant tracking my macros to make sure that I get a balanced intake every day. I think that healthy is such a mental battle for many, so I believe in taking the focus mostly off getting those perfect foods in and focusing more on my athletic performance. I workout religiously every day like clockwork with a mixture of anything and everything but mostly lifting and running.

3. What are some of the most important lessons you have learned about health since you started coaching? 


Everything is mental. The mental struggle for most is the hardest health issue to overcome. Even when these beautiful girls lose weight, they still view themselves as imperfect and it's this never ending battle and struggle chasing perfection. I like to work with them on viewing themselves differently just as much.

4. What do you do to prepare for the week/prepare in advance?

Honestly, I don't do a lot anymore. I used to prep religiously on Sunday and made tons of food. I work from home now so I make sure there is always available chicken and ground turkey in the fridge but that may run out on a Tuesday and I just make it then. I will say that I ALWAYS make sure that we grocery shop on the weekends. Living in Manhattan is HARD with food especially the part that we live in so we have to be DILIGENT about going to the grocery store and making sure we have foods on hand that we can eat. 

5. Everyone needs a support team. Who do you have in your life that helps to support your healthy living efforts?


I'm married to a very supportive fellow who is just as into health and fitness as I am. He actually was the one that originally got me interested, so we talk fitness pretty much all the time. Not just the usual stuff but all that life has to offer (he FIERCELY loves the outdoors-mountaineering, ice climbing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, bouldering). My family and friends are on board now, although that took a while. They know how I eat and workout now and support me. 

6. How does your faith in God affect your sense of health and wellbeing? Is there a spiritual aspect to your health?


ABSOLUTELY!!!! This is huge for me. I had a time of not viewing myself the way that I should and knowing that the creator of the universe made me in His perfect image in the likeness of Him just makes my heart smile. I know that if I'm saying that he messed up, then I'm telling God that He isn't perfect, and He is. He is the one true perfection that I can count on. I also really like to be more relaxed recently with my eating because I want everything that I do to glorify the Lord. I don't want to make anything an idol before Him, so I try to keep that first and foremost. 

7. What are the major roadblocks/obstacles for you when it comes to health, and how do you overcome those roadblocks?

Oh man, the roadblocks. It has taken me many many years to get where I am today. I feel as if this would be better explained through my most recent blog post: 25 Years to Healthy.

8. What is your favorite way to sweat?


I simply love the outdoors and running through it! It doesn't matter if it's raining, sleeting, or snowing, I want to run in it. 

9. I'm sure everyone is wondering this at this point - do you have tips to get abs like yours?


There is a few basic tips that I always like to give: 
1. Not everyone has block abs. I didn't before. You have to BUILD the muscle just as you would your biceps. WEIGHTED AB WORKOUTS. This takes time just like any other muscle group. Be patient. And even if you have those block abs under there, if your body fat percentage is not low enough, you'll never see them.

2. You have to eat according to your goals. The food that you put in every day is the most important piece of the puzzle. 

10. Do you have a favorite recipe? If so, please share!

My waffles. Hands down. I have them three times daily. It's ridiculous, but I love them. 

11. If you could teach your future/hypothetical daughter(s) one thing about being healthy, what would it be?

Be confident. Confidence is absolutely everything. Love the skin you are in. You could be overweight but loving yourself, mentally - this is the biggest thing for me. After that, treat your body well, and your body will treat you well. Laziness is over-rated and health is so incredibly fulfilling, enjoyable, and fun!

12. Any other healthy tips that you would like to share?


LEARN ABOUT NUTRITION. This is the absolute key to unlocking the secrets to success. You can work out all you want, but if you don't know basic nutrition, change is not going to happen. Don't starve yourself. Eat! But, just eat according to your goals and be knowledgable about the nutrients that you are putting into your body. If you are having a hard time, then reach out to some of your friends or even just start with google. Remember that change takes time. Remember that everyone is different so don't feel like you failed if the plan doesn't work the first time. Readjust and continue. 

Isn't she great? So intense, so passionate, so driven, and yet so sweet. If you want to follow Katie, you can find her in the following places:

PS. Look how cute her pups are!!