My new NYC gym membership

Things are finally starting to become less chaotic up here. As you may know, I semi spontaneously moved to NYC a couple weeks ago. The move has really thrown a wrench in my routine (looking for jobs/apartments while bumming couches gives you very little control of your life), but it's all coming together again. I started my new job this week. I moved into my apartment (and am finally not living out of a suitcase --PTL!).

I now have access to a bathroom throughout the day (meaning I can up my water intake again).

I now have access to a working stove/oven (meaning I can cook healthy things and provide you guys with more recipes).

AND TODAY, I signed up for a new gym. I waited until this week to sign up for a gym because I wanted to pick a gym that was close enough to work that I could go before/after or during lunch. On my first day (today), I went during lunch. I'm definitely going to make a habit out of this. I don't know if you have the ability to workout during lunch, but it was such a nice break from the workday grind.

My membership is at Crunch on 38th Street in Midtown (anyone else go there??). When I signed up, they gave me a free duffel bag and a "starter kit" consisting of 3 protein bars and some multivitamins.

crunch bag

So here's the "starter kit" -- it's from dotFIT and called the dotFIT KIT. I haven't tried the multivitamin yet, but oh man… the protein bars.


These protein bars are suspiciously yummy, and the ingredients look good. I definitely recommend them. They taste and feel like a candy bar!


Thanks for bearing with me through this crazy season of my life!