My Newton Shoe Collection


When you find something that works, you stick with it. That's how I feel about Newtons. I've run in a lot of different shoes over the years and will usually keep buying the latest model of the same shoe over and over until it's discontinued or I find something better. I ran in the Nike Bowerman series for years before they changed their lines up.

Right now, what's working for me and what I love to run in is Newtons -- specifically, their stability and water-resistant shoes. 


Motion IV

Miles Run: 280 (I will probably retire these at 300miles)
Races Run: BolderBoulder, Boulder Backroads Marathon
How I Prefer to Use Them: I love the Motion series for speed work, track workouts, and races.

This was my very first pair of Newtons. Anyone else get oddly sad when they have to retire a shoe? I get more sentimental about my running shoes than I do about most things. I can feel that this shoe is on it's last leg, and I'm just trying to prolong its life as long as I can.

Motion V

Miles Run: 142
Races Run: NYC Marathon (my BQ race!!), ColderBolder
How I Prefer to Use Them: This a newer version of the Motion IV, so I like them for the same stuff -- speed work, track workouts, and races.

I love the stability of this series. I pronate (inward), so these shoes keep me from hurting my arches and running with bad form.

Kismet II

Miles Run: 7
Races Run: None, I don't think I'd use these for races
How I Prefer to Use Them: treadmill, recovery runs, long runs

These are a recent purchase. They're a bit sturdier/cushioned than the Motion, but still offer good stability. I wouldn't use them for racing simply because they're slightly heavier.


Miles Run: 68
Races Run: None, would use them for a trail race
How I Prefer to Use Them: trail running, snow running, rain running

Water-resistant shoes are game changers. I strap my micro spikes on over these things for my snow runs, keeping my feet from getting wet and frozen. I like the durability of this shoe for trails, though I sadly haven't done much trail running since moving to Boulder. When your goals are speed-oriented, trail stuff doesn't make a lot of sense. BUT I'm seriously considering doing a trail race this summer or fall, so these puppies might get to race after all! (Considering: Golden Leaf Half Marathon, Aspen Backcountry Half or Full Marathon, and Golden Gate Dirty 30)

All Weather BOCO II

I just got these yesterday, so I haven't had the chance to break them in yet. With the idea of a trail race in my future (knowing that I like to give my shoes recovery time between runs), I wanted to get a second pair of trail shoes. Also, I couldn't resist this color scheme. Black & grey are definitely my favorite colors to wear.

What does your shoe rotation look like right now? What do you look for when you're buying a new shoe?