NASM Study Progress


When you sign up for the NASM Personal Training Certification Program, they give you a suggested reading/study plan that take 75 days (very aggressive). My initial intention was to try to follow this plan as closely as possible, but, of course, I have fallen behind. It's hard to work full-time in NYC, workout, blog, and study for such a difficult test all at the same time!

For the past couple weeks, I haven't had any study time after work. We've spent so much time moving stuff and situating stuff in our new apartment, so I've been using my lunch breaks at work to study. I feel like a college student again bringing my dorky college backpack, filled with notecards, highlighters, pens, and a big textbook, with me on the subway. I'm one pair of Chacos away from feeling like I've been teleported back to 2010. 

The material is even more dense than I had expected, but I'm really loving it. I find it almost entrancing at times. The human body is so intricate, but so simply amazing at the same time. Being able to understand why and how things happen in the body is not only important as a future trainer, but also for myself. 

I was reading about the circulatory system the other day, and it started comparing the blood supply that muscles have access to in comparison to tendons and ligaments. With the extra access to blood, muscles grow and develop much more quickly. Tendons and ligaments build strength slowly. I've seen this play out in my half marathon training. My legs are strong. I squat; I do deadlifts. But my tendons and ligaments could really use more TLC. I've noticed during my long runs that even when my muscles feel like they could keep going and going, my knees and my hips start to ache. I haven't had any bone or cartilage issues, but I've had issues with my tendons, and I think it's simply because they're trying to catch up to my muscles. 

So interesting, right!?

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with my CPT yet. I might be interested in taking on a couple clients part-time, but I don't think my new gym is hiring trainers. I also may want to do coaching online. 

I'm not really sure yet! And I think that's okay.

Question of the day:

What have you been learning about lately? (Doesn't have to be fitness-related)