Nourish by Lorna Jane Cookbook Review

Last week, Lorna Jane sent me a digital copy of her new cookbook for me to review before its official launch. I'm so honored to be included in the list of bloggers who get a sneak peek of the book!

Talk about gorgeous imagery, am I right?

If you take a look at the table of contents, you can see that this cookbook includes much more than delicious, healthy recipes. It also includes Lorna Janes' personal lifestyle tips, as well as some dietary theory. The book closes with 3 different eating plans, which provide week-long meal plans with recipes from the book. 

I love this [above] section -- a visual representation of LJ's life rituals. It's so beautiful, healthy, and positive! I think I may have to implement something like this into one of my SSE about pages!

The food photography in this book is amazing! It's so bright and fresh looking. I seriously want to lick my iPad as I'm flipping through these pages...

I even love all the inspirational photos and quotes throughout the book. I think they add a nice, motivating touch to help the reader fall in love with healthy living. 

I'm obsessed with this cookbook, and I want to try every single thing -- although I will swap out the beef recipes for turkey or chicken. I'm not a red meat kinda girl. 

I haven't had time to try everything yet, but I did pick two recipes out of the book to try first: the "mild" green smoothie and the omlette. 

The "mild" smoothie is called mild because she also has a "medium" and a "hardcore" green smoothie recipe. I'm not quite ready for those yet haha.

These recipes were delicious, and the perfect start to my day today! I'm going to keep trying more recipes from this book! Yummz.