Officially Cleared for Postpartum Exercise


I am so excited to share that as of Friday, I have full clearance from my doctor to exercise "with no restrictions!" I totally respect my doctor and would have continued to wait, if she thought that was the right thing to do, but I was seriously craving a real, sweaty workout. 

I did try my best to stay active during my pregnancy, and initially, I totally expected to be one of those moms who went hard the whole time, especially after PR'ing in the half marathon in my first trimester. But that was not my story. I had significant sciatic nerve pain that kept me from hard workouts and ended up with me totally quitting running around 30 weeks. 

I haven't had a hard workout since the beginning of my second trimester, so early this past summer. It's been a while. 

As someone who loves her endorphins, this hiatus has been tough. 

Postpartum Exercise

Matt doesn't have work on Fridays, so as soon as I got home from the OBGYN, I was able to leave Shepherd with him and head out for a run. It was such a beautiful and lovely day -- sunny and in the 50s. The workout was tough, but it felt no different than if I had quit running for 6 months and started back up again (not being pregnant/delivering a baby in the meantime). I just feel like I've lost a lot of cardiovascular endurance, but otherwise, I feel great!


I did my first heavy lifting gym workout yesterday. Like my run, it was tough, but not because of having a baby, simply because it has been a long time since I went hard at the gym and I've lost a lot of muscle. 

I don't know if I was expecting to feel like my uterus was going to fall out while I was running or something, but everything has felt so much better than I had expected it to feel. I'm confident about this as a starting point for my postpartum exercise and my Boston Marathon training. 

My plan for the rest of November is the following breakdown:

  • Chest/Triceps
  • Back/Biceps
  • Shoulders/Calves/Abs
  • Legs
  • 3 runs a week at an easy pace for 25-45min (building some base mileage)

Postpartum Nutrition

I also had a follow-up appointment with my Endocrinologist last week, who confirmed that my gestational diabetes didn't turn into regular diabetes, and that I could resume eating whatever I please. 

While I have been back in my pre-pregnancy jeans since about week 2 postpartum, and while I'm only 5lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight, I don't want to just go crazy with sweets and carbs because I had to do without during pregnancy. I want to build back my strength with some lean muscle and fuel my body for effective workouts. 

I considered the idea of tracking macros to get my body back into really lean shape quickly, but I think for now, I'd rather be a little less obsessive than that (my mind might change if I don't feel like my body responds well to workouts). For the time being, I'm eating intuitively. Matt is following a mostly Whole 30 diet right now, so I'm mostly doing that with him in solidarity, though I won't freak out if I need to throw in some extra starchy carbs to fuel my Boston Marathon training, as that ramps up. I'm going to continue eating fish and poultry, to keep my protein up, which is best for the muscle/strength gains that I want. 

I've also found a nursing-friendly whey protein that's pretty good-- MRM Natural Whey. It's simple and doesn't contain a bunch of artificial sweeteners. I prefer the taste of Cellucor, personally, but that has too many additives that I don't want to put into my son's body. I also kinda wish that I could take some Cellucor C4 pre-workout to get me jacked up and energized to lift heavy stuff, but there's no way I'm going to put that in my son's body. That can wait until I'm done nursing. Coffee will work for now. 

Speaking of coffee, I'm drinking more coffee now than I have in years. I gave up coffee for a while because, while we were in NYC and my anxiety was at an all-time high, and caffeine made my anxiety a lot worse. While I've been on maternity leave, my anxiety has been the best it's been since college, which is remarkable and such a relief. Because my anxiety is not a big deal right now, I've been able to drink caffeine without the negative repercussions that I used to experience. Great timing, considering the fact that I'm up every 3 hours with a newborn. 

I'll try to remember to do a What I Ate Wednesday this week to give you a better picture of what my diet looks like right now.