Oh Hi, March.

Phew. Reflecting on the past month is exhausting. This has probably been the most jam-packed, hectic month of my life -- hence why I've been MIA from the blog. Sorry to all my friends that I've disappeared from. I still love you. And my schedule is opening up soon. 

Here's a quick recap:

Katie & Tanner Came to Visit!

Our dear friends Katie & Tanner came to visit us from Feb 1-Feb 8. I met Katie (aka katiesfitscript) through Instagram, actually, and Matt and I ended up becoming close friends with them while we were all living in NYC. They now live in small town North Carolina, and obviously we're in Colorado. I'm glad that we have been able to keep in touch. Thank goodness for texting. If I was an adult before texting, social media, and Gchat, I would probably not be able to maintain long distance friendships.


Time had seriously flown by, because it had been years since we last saw them in person. It was so great to chat in person and go for a run with Katie. 

Painting Party

In the middle of their stay, the previous owners of our new house moved out (they were renting from us) and we finally had access! Over the course of 3 weeks, we painted basically every square inch of that house, and had a few painting parties where we paid our friends in pizza and beer to help us make paint progress. I'll post more photos of the house before/afters later this month. Here's a little teaser for now. We've been working hard. 


Christy Came to Visit!

My best friend Christy came to visit us from Feb 15-18, which was also the weekend that we had to move out of our apartment. Such chaos haha. Thank goodness she's a close friend, otherwise she probably would have been really irritated to be living in such a mess during her stay. We were still able to hang out and giggle and run and hike. And that's all I could have asked for. It was a great visit.


Flooring Install & Finally Moving In

After Christy left, we had the floors installed, which took a week. Then we were finally able to move our furniture in, which had been living in the garage. 

All our furniture is moved in, but I'm just so tired from the past month and haven't been feeling great lately. So, we haven't really unpacked boxes yet. Just the essentials. There are still boxes everywhere. 

To Texas and NYC I Go

I'm leaving tomorrow night for Texas for the Woodlands Half Marathon. It's supposed to be 90% chance of rain and like 80 degrees... so my expectations are low. 

Sunday, I'm flying straight from Texas to NYC for my quarterly work trip. Seriously, it's all been so non-stop. After NYC, I think things will settle down again, and I'm so looking forward to that. 

Let's pray for March to be chill. Okay?