On the Move Again

Sorry for the radio silence last week. Things have been crazy around the McGahen Household over the past couple weeks, and I have some exciting news to share with you -- we're moving! Again.

This time to beautiful Boulder, CO (Louisville, to be exact). And we are chomping at the bit!

Moving to New York City was overall a great experience; we have met so many amazing people here and have been able to experience the unique Brooklyn lifestyle. But if I'm being honest, NYC has also kicked my butt. 

I had never struggled with anxiety before moving here. And there was a point last summer when I was having a panic attack every single time I got on the subway. Ridiculous and not sustainable, right? The pace of the city and the amount of people crammed into such a small amount of space ignites my "drivenness" and Type-A nature in kind of a bad way. Again, I think NYC is a perfectly great place to live, but it's not for me long-term. 

That in combination with Matt's impending seminary graduation and his post-school job search has brought us to Boulder. 

We LOVED Colorado when we honeymooned in Durango. We loved it even more when we visited Boulder in December. The pace is much slower, people are incredibly kind, and everyone is into some sort of outdoor activity. I think (and pray) that this will be a keeper for us.

I already signed up for a Meet Up in Boulder -- they go for a trail run on Saturdays and then get brunch (amazing).

We loaded up all of our stuff but our sofa bed into a Ubox on Saturday. It's on its way to Colorado now. And we will make the drive with Morton on April 13!

In the meantime, we're trying to soak up as much friend time and fun NYC experiences as we can for the last week or so that we have in Brooklyn.