Please "Like" My Photo on Pinterest

Hey followers, Kathryn Budig, one of my very favorite yoga teachers on the planet and the person who sparked my interest in yoga through her "Aim True" DVD, is holding a competition.

The instructions were to replicate her challenge pose and let your personality shine through, by showcasing how yoga plays a part in your life in your photo. Whoever's photo gets the most likes on the contest Pinterest page wins an autographed copy of her book, Zico water, and a bunch of other stuff!

#AimTrueChallenge: April 1st- April 30th - The Winner will be announced May 5th!!!

So here is my submission:

Yoga prevents injury, soothes muscles, improves performance, & is excellent cross training for all of the other things I do. It gives me a chance to pause, breathe, & express gratitude. - Bridget McGahen

Please click on the image above and "like" it on Kathryn's Pinterest board! You could help me win an autograph from a really inspirational person in my practice!

Here is Kathryn's original challenge pose:

Kathryn Budig