Portland, OR - Multonomah Falls


After leaving Washington and doing a mini hike around Snoqualmie Falls, we drove down to visit Portland (and do an even more mini hike). 

You can see the Multonomah Falls from the parking lot. So basically, if you just want to see the falls, you only have to walk 2-3min on paved ground to get to the unreal, postcard-quality views. 


There is the option to continue up for a view from the top of the falls. It's a 2.4mi hike with 870ft of gain. Not gonna lie, we started walking up, and up, and up, and we bailed around the sign that said 4th of 13 switchbacks. The main view is at the bottom anyways, and so it didn't feel worth it to begrudgingly drag ourselves up there. 


The trail was lush and green, as you would expect in the Pacific Northwest. Sorry, Colorado, but PNW definitely has you beat when it comes to pretty nature things. 

Would definitely recommend stopping by the falls if you're in Portland. It's really close to town and you can see the view with zero effort.